Paper Assets Group,LLC was established in 2015. After working through various types of real estate niches, the note business allowed for all the traditional real estate investing but, offered many more exit strategies and a greater upside. We saw there was a obvious need in this market and were able to fill the gap between borrower and bank.

We typically purchase non-performing toxic assets. We look for middle class neighborhoods with a good retail as well as rental projection. 3 beds and 2 baths with little to no equity make it easier to negotiate when speaking with borrowers. We typically stay in states that offer a faster foreclosure turn around. We look to make a win, win, for all parties involved.

When reaching out to borrowers licensing varies state to state. For that reason, we rely heavily on our 3rd party companies. Our service company makes 1st contact with the borrower letting them know we now own their note. Next our mediation company explains what work outs we are open to and try to work with the borrowers needs as much as possible. We understand that life happens and want to give the borrower not only the opportunity to stay living in their home but also the dignity they may have lost to the way some banks perilously handled their situation.

Finally, we partner with investors of all backgrounds. Wither it’s a seasoned investor looking to grow their portfolio or a beginner looking to put more into their IRA we able to meet their needs and make a living doing so. We are able to offer high returns traditional investments companies and banks simply can’t.

To summarize our company; we help the banks by taking toxic notes off their hands, we help borrowers by allowing solutions to keep them in their home, we offer unheard of returns to our investors, and still able to turn a profit. All in all we have made it our business of helping others.