Paper Assets Group, LLC is a California based Note investing company specializing in buying distressed and toxic assets in most major markets across the United States. PAG focuses primarily on the purchase of mortgages that are; non-performing, 1st position, owner occupied, single family residences. We are located in Los Angeles, CA and have been purchasing real estate since 2000. We have a variety of wholesaling and buying for our own portfolio. We are buying these mortgages at a discounted price point, normally 70% or less than the current value. PAG works with 3rd party companies who negotiate with the borrower on our behalf to either take control of the property or turn the loan back into a performing loan. Instead of rehabbing the property, we focus on rehabbing the note; making it a win/win for the borrowers, the banks, and our investors.

Anthony E. Ruiz  is the Manager at Paper Assets Group,LLC. He has over 20 years in the construction field. Anthony has been in real estate investing since 2000; which included bird dogging, fix & flips, and promissory notes. In 2003 he became a certified California Home Inspector. Anthony also, received his CA real estate agents license and became a member of the CA board of Realtors in 2006.